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Mat and Nathaniel strongly believe that good action is informed by character and story and should progress the narrative of both. As a result they approach their work from this vantage, building around actor performance, story arc and setting to produce kinetic action sequences that feel seamlessly interwoven with the wider world and themes of each story they inhabit.

Mat McKay

Mat has been a Stunt Performer and Action Coordinator for 10 years.
His work is character and story focused, with specific emphasis on coaching actors to be able to perform as much of their own action as safely and effectively as possible.
Having trained as an actor before moving in to fight choreography and then stunt work, Mat has a shared language with performers and actors that makes directing and coaching of physical sequences more accessible for the actor.
His experience includes, armed and unarmed fights, wire work, stair falls, high falls and fire burns.
Outside of Lucky 13 Mat most recently served as Fight Coordinator on Barbarians for Netflix and is currently serving as part of the core stunt team on Vikings: Valhalla Season 1 & 2

Nathaniel Marten

Nathaniel has worked as a Fight Director and Action Coordinator for Film, Television and Motion Capture for over 8 Years. Originally training as an actor, Nathaniel found himself drawn to the world of fight performance. Exploring this discipline culminated in him becoming a certified Combat Instructor before transitioning in to Action Coordination for Film, Television and Theatre.

Nathaniel credits this prior training for his understanding of the unique needs of Actors and Directors, allowing him to tailor the creative process and produce Action that is informed, developed and executed in collaboration, both in front of and behind the camera lense.

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